A young priestess living in England. Yes, she has the cute English accent and everything. Trying to forge her own path as a student and a child of the Gods; she’s learning Gaelic and Japanese, and strives to find her roots and get her degree. She spends term-time living in the sunny sea-side town of Brighton; the sunniest town in Britain. She’s a poet, dreamer, dancer and singer.
She’s studying for a degree in Psychology, though she’s also a major fan of the English language and linguistics.

She’s just your average student… doesn’t drink coffee or energy drinks, doesn’t eat chips or burgers, recycles, drinks herbal teas, is in a long-term, long-distance relationship and spends her free time in Nature or reading books on spirituality: A normal teenager.

She’s researching more about sustainable living and de-cluttering her life, loves planning for her future and children; loves reading about home schooling and how parents deal with the trials and tribulations of their children.

Favourite movies are Pride and Prejudice, The Lion King and Practical Magic; Favourite authors include William Nicholson, David Clement-Davies, Kenneth Oppal, Garth Nix, Nora Roberts and Philip Pullman.


My other half. Nicknames include S.O. (significant other), darling, my atheist, penguin, my partner and husband, as his for me include wife/soulmate. We’re not officially  engaged or married but we know we plan to go there.
The people in our life don’t know this & likely wouldn’t accept it; but we thrive. At different Universities, we have a long-distance relationship for three quarters of the year. He’s the most wonderful person in my life, being both my rock and my river. I won’t bore you with the mushy stuff, but we’re lucky enough to have a relationship built on a foundation of overcome struggles. I can reach my potential because I have him in my life.

Formerly known as Wynn. I met him at the Wiccan Beltain 09 Ritual, where he was acting as the High Priest. He’s a gentle soul, with a wonderful adventurous courage which is contagious.  Undergoing training from an Alexandrian HPS, he now has his own blog.

He guides the creative Meditation and Mindfulness group which I now run (as President). A teacher at the local Buddhist Centre in Brighton, he comes to University to share his experiences and lead our group through exercises in mindfulness.


One of my best friends – she’s my female rock; my river. She’s my motivation and my mind. I owe my sanity to this wonderful and charming woman. Other than my husband, she’s my closest friend; having been through my every struggle a couple of years before I met my husband, and it shows. Please check out her own blog.


One thought on “Characters

  1. it is my pleasure of meeting a friend like u .. me too an english graduate holder .. me have same interests like u friend .. i would be glad if you share ur experiences in life …..

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