Saturday Seven

Slightly edited picture/name – I feel it flows better this way.

  • for the feeling of pen on paper/fingers on the keyboard when the words are pouring out of me
  • for my husband; the most patient soul I’ve ever known
  • for vanilla ice cream (yum!)
  • for time
  • for the criticism which will help me to improve
  • for all the mistakes I make every single day; those opportunities to learn
  • for all these experiences/taster courses I’m able to try out
  • for Christine Kane who provides hope for all those trying to heal
  • for you, who read this blog and provide support, critiques and your own stories; for community.

I almost tried to combine three of those; to keep it to seven, but I figured you can never have too much gratitude; and nine’s as much a magic number as seven.

I’m up to 45,500 words of my NaNoWriMo novel!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I’m here. Just wish it had a plot. It found one after 8,000 words of drivel and then lost it somewhere. I think I lost it around 15,000. Ahh well. Very excited now. And relieved. I AM going to make it and then I can relax. (=

Edit: I’ve just written the ending, with 5k now to go back and add padding/ bits that were too boring to write earlier. Annnd I’m changing my characters modus operands’.. having completed 95%, I’m now going back and changing bits.. Oops. Ahh well. My choice I spose =P.

I’ve got 3,500 words due in on December 9th; 2,000 of which isn’t difficult; just tedious and perhaps a little confusing. The 1,500 however, is a portfolio of 4 assignments on statistics. I don’t think I need to say any more to show how not looking forward to this I am. I’ve started three of the four; as the forth file was corrupted when I first tried to download it from our course site. I’ve decided that most of my typing is for NaNo until Tuesday though. Even with the woodland course today, I should be able to get out a good chunk of word count.

The session is about wild plants and woodland crafts; specifically for women and the lady who advertised it at The White Night Festival of Learning is a druid from my Grove and I have to say; wild plant use makes me feel especially witchy anyway. I used to read my grandmother’s encyclopaedia of herbs whenever I visited her house; writing out the ones I’d heard of (Rosemary, Thyme, Basil etc.) even at the age of 7-10.  So I’m really looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful weekend,



Seven & Presents

I completely forgot about the Saturday Seven yesterday; here’s my list; albeit a day late:

~ I’m so grateful for the roof over my head

~ I’m so grateful that I have food and drink available

~ I’m so grateful for this book The Mindful Woman, as it’s making me think

~ I’m so grateful for the chance to learn

~ I’m so grateful that I’ve friends to support me through anything

~ I’m so grateful that the bathroom is now free!

~ I’m so grateful that I’m still on track for completing my NaNoWriMo novel

Friday night I started to make my mother’s Christmas/Yule gift. I can say that here, because she doesn’t have a link to this blog. If she does read this then “Hiiii!!”. Not sure how she’d feel knowing I refer to my boyfriend as my “husband” on here. Ah well.  Anyway. If you’re my mum, please stop reading, else your present won’t be a surprise =P

I was reading an article and one phrase struck me.

“After all – you can’t just visit a sick child and tell them you love them.

You have to buy a piece of plastic to express your love and concern these days.”

This week I sent off a package to one of my oldest and closest friends, who used to live here, but now lives in the USA. I made him a bookmark, drew him a rose, wrote letters and some little mantra notes to put around his room/monitor/fridge etc to make him smile. It cost me £1.35 to send and he received it Friday morning (sent Monday, cheapest airmail).  And it’s most likely the most meaningful and loving gift I’ve ever given anyone. The time it took to make and put together, to actually stand in a post office line and pay some money for a little stamp; and –le gasp!- paying money for something without getting a little plastic toy.  –sharp intake of breath-

Upon reading that phrase, I was reminded of the bookmark and have now made my own mother one. Each holiday, when I return from University, she tries to take me shopping. I understand it’s to show she loves me, but I might suggest we go for a drink in a bookshop or something instead [like people do in movies and books I’ve read.. There are coffee shops in England, aren’t there?].   And having just written that spur of the moment thought, I suddenly feel much happier at the idea of time with my mum.. and oddly lighter..

Anyway, I was looking for a phrase to fit on this bookmark that would be the to point “be happy!” but not just random words.. Something meaningful and honest, but encouraging.

Mindfulness, Choose Kindness, Intention, Simplicity.. All of these speak to me; but she’s doesn’t meditate and didn’t read parenting blogs as a teen. She’s also one of the kindest people I know, so that phrase was redundant. In the end, I’ve written:


Now.. I can’t draw much (roses, stick people and fish, mainly) and my attempts to learn to knit and sew again failed drastically. I only have limited sources here at University, and limited time with all my assignments. However, I’m hoping to make as many presents personal and I thought my mum was the best person to start with.

So, I’d LOVE any ideas on simple, handmade or personalisable [yes I just made that word up] presents. I’m happy to spend money on her, because she’s worth it (bet she’s gutted if she doesn’t read this…) but I’m looking to convey a message that love isn’t about how many clothes she buys me.

If you’re a parent, what would you love? She’s not really a spa-going person, doesn’t have the confidence to go to a new class.. (she loves books, hence the bookmark).. Any ideas would be so much appreciated.

Samhain Intentions

7even sat
1)      Clean water
2)      Resources for learning
3)      No knee-pain this morning
4)      Supportive friends
5)      My poetic abilities
6)      The opportunities to connect
7)      A safe place to sleep

Firstly, Happy New Year! May it bring wonderful people, amazing lessons and may you enjoy it.

This is traditionally a time of reflection; between the second [Autumnal Equinox] and final harvest [Samhain] of the year. For me, it’s also a time of clearing and quiet; of gaining knowledge and insight, of watching; taking in the details and appreciating the changing world as the earth falls into slumber.

I’ve felt as though in a space of transition the last 2-3 weeks or so, and this was aided my reflection. I’ve been looking at my blog and really thinking about where I intend to take you in the next year; where I want to go.

Let’s start with where am I now; my major themes here appear to surround:

Healthy eating

My degree

Cleansing space

Minimizing needs

Planning of personal goals

Then, where had I planned to go up to now? My original aims had been to share my life as a Spiritual Being and thus I’d hoped to write about:

Common spiritual topics (2012- Nostradamus, Community, Paths within Paganism, Pagan Parenting), My own experiences [especially now I’m a part of some spiritual community] and topics I wished to learn more about or had something to share/teach about.

As a dragonfly, I constantly find myself within a chrysalis and don’t feel much like a nymph anymore. I’m working on exploring this a bit more and hope you’ll bare with me a little as I really embrace this transition.

This leaves me with this years aims. Through this coming year, I hope to speak a little more about the spirituality of my days; and hope to incorporate a few new habits.

So far, the time since my birthday in August has brought about the simple theme of connections, and that’s where I’ve decided to begin this year.

I understand that without my goals being concrete steps, they’re only dreams. Therefore I provide a small breakdown of my goals for the coming year:

* Daily Spiritual Practise [or at least weekly]

* 30,000 words by 30 November

* Blog Weekly

* Ritual for each festival

* Cut down on junk food

* Keep taking 5-a-day

* Some for of weekly movement [dance, free-weights ]

I know a list that long is unusual and I’ve not before had luck with intentions, but I’ve nothing to lose by trying to incorporate these.

What are your plans for the coming year?



 7even satOver time, I’ve left the Saturday Seven behind. So today’s list:

  1. Green tea
  2. Solitude
  3. Music
  4. Incense
  5. Painkillers
  6. Chance to learn
  7. Opportunity to read

It’s day.. nine of fourteen of my 5-a-day challenge. Almost completed my challenge (see 101 in 1001 tab, top of right-hand bar). I’m also close to finishing The World According the Clarkson; though with everything planned for this weekend, I doubt I’ll finish it until next week.

I’m actively healing from something this month. October is usually a month which brings up old debris for me, and I think NaNoWriMo will be another step on my recovery. The chance to write without perfectionism; to ramble with deliberate intent of not analyzing it. Just writing. Finding the thrill of weaving the web of a story.

I’ve already started experiencing fear over not finishing it; but I’m fighting.


I can do this. It won’t be ready for publish nor perhaps even readable; but I’ll manage it.

I’m so blessed to have reasonable health, to have food and drink easily available. I’m lucky to have a husband who supports me and loves me, to have a community I can turn to in my times of low. I’m so grateful that I can explore myself and learn here. The opportunities I’ve been presented with are so perfect and I embrace them all.


What are you grateful for?

Seven Saturday

7even sat

I figured I’d start off with a one-day-a-week post intention. I start each Saturday post with Seven things. Seven I love, Seven I’m grateful for, Seven accomplished tasks that week. Seven anything. I’m pretty sure this is already being done somewhere (more likely in MANY other blogs), but I thought it would be a somewhat easy one, and would encourage me to post weekly at the least.

Seven things I’m grateful for:
~ My closest friends
~ Having a roof over my head, food and clean water
~ Having a local lake to visit
~ All the oppertunities to love others
~ Honest comments
~ My blogroll, who connect me to the world
~ Omnia’s upbeat music

I’ve done some more tidying in my room. Donated 4 carrier bags to charity yesterday and I’ve recycled well over 20 bags of paper clutter.  However, packing is more annoying than I’d previously thought. Still striving for simplicity. We’ll just have to see I suppose.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend.