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Simplicity: Finances

I love having a budget. When I say I have a budget, I mean I write down everything I spend. In the 12 weeks I’ve been here; having to spend over £120 on bus tickets, buy Christmas/Yule presents and materials for my cloak, get my ears pierced, nights out, visits to the beach, attend rituals and circles, workshops and dance classes, and of course, buy food and toilet rolls, cleaning supplies and pay bills; I’ve managed to spend just £465, which makes £38.75 a week.

Without the bus alone, that’s £28.79 a week.

Now, I’ve not included my rent; because to allow this to apply to most readers; you’ve all got houses and it’s likely your food/going out/clubs money is in a different place/separately measured to your mortgage/rent money.

Oh, I need to point out that £26 of that £120 is 3 weeks of bus tickets for January when I return (they come in packs of four; I’ve only used on from that pack this term). So for the money spend this term, my average comes to:


Can you beat that? As you can see from my updates; I get my five a day, make smoothies and spend a good £10 a week on tea alone. I buy any food that I need more often than once a fortnight (milk, fruit, veg and bread) from the co-op on campus.

I also need to point out I went out drinking for both a friend’s birthday and Halloween, I attended three taster dance classes, a make-up tutorial, a wild foods day, three singing workshop opportunities, a druid circle, Handfasting and a wiccan circle. When I did my Yule shopping I bought chocolate seashells and macaroons “just because” and let myself buy expensive organic cucumbers. I didn’t scrimp and save and live in misery to do this. I didn’t hide in my room and only buy milk, bread and pasta.

I shopped around. I wanted two diaries – a small, week to view one and a larger, day to page one. In places like W H Smiths and Rymans (used to be partners), they wanted over £15 for both.

I paid £2.99 for both. The large, day to page diary from Poundland and a £1.99 cat week-to-view diary, with pen and the moon phases in it (added bonus!) from The Works.

It took me perhaps an extra ten minutes to go to those shops and compare the prices in my head. And is ten minutes worth a saving of £10?

It is when you’re a student.

How do you live simply? How do you sort your finances? What would you love to learn most about money? How can I improve on my own finances? I’d love to, by the end of the academic year, be down to an average weekly spending of £20. That would be amazing. Any tips?


Edit: Today I got a bill for last year’s student loan.

Current Debt:  £ 6678.24

Due to enter Repayment: 06/04/2012

Any tips on money-making for a student who can’t find a part time job? Current ideas include publishing my book of poetry online, selling the plants of Sussex guide I’ve started from the Wild Plants Day, or allowing adverts here.


Saturday Seven:

* I am so grateful that even without an income, I’m doing okay on living on the money I’ve saved from 19 birthdays and Christmases.

* I value my lecturers, who make an effort to connect with us and make the most boring statistics (Mixed Analysis of Variance [ANOVA]) interesting by dressing up as Santa and working out that faeries are light-weights compared to elves.

* I am grateful that I have health. Although I’ve got a cold, my knees are hurting this week and I’ve stomach cramps, I know they’ll pass and I am still able to walk and dance and sing.

* I fully treasure the fact that I have both the access to and healthy hearing to listen to music which brings me such joy.

* I truly appreciate my husband, for his patience, strength and his selflessness. We’ve each had tough weeks and still we’re together; strong, compassionate and in love as always. I’m so blessed to have that in my life.

* I am so thankful that I have a wonderful, supportive family of friends who expect nothing more of me, than to be myself.

* I’m happy that I have a housemate who’ll do some of the dirty work when it comes to cleaning, who’ll share his rice with me.

* I am thankful that I have healthy eyesight and hearing so that I may learn, read and experience the world.

* I appreciate that I have access to safe and fresh food and water.

* I am blessed with a roof over my head and a lock on my door, so I can find solitude when I feel I need it.

* I really value the opportunities I have to live, love, laugh and learn: To try new things, to learn about Mother Earth and to meet the communities of like-minded people.

* I’m so happy that I have enough hot water. Something about the shower or splashing it on my face from the tap just brings me back to my core; centring me.

* I’m utterly blessed to have access to Karasu at the Creative Meditation and Buddhism Society; where I can learn, enquire, discuss, open up and express emotions and problems. I’m blessed to have access to his thoughts and wisdom; to his compliments and to see how he sees me. He’s truly a gift in my life.

* I treasure my body, even though I’ve fed it more chocolate and cherry coke than vegetables this week, it still dances, walks, talks and thinks; though the latter isn’t up to it’s usual standard. I value its strength and flexibility to work even when it gets less nutrients.

I am utterly blessed with this life and I have everything to be thankful for. [And that’s double seven, but you can never express enough gratitude]. I also want to thank all of you who read my blog and my twitter; thank you for putting up with me as I hit depression for the first time since 2006. You’ve been fantastic.


I began to pack Thursday night and realised how little I need to take home. The make-up I use weekly, clothes, my belt and jewellery. Umm.. Uh.. Lecture notes, diary, magazines I’ve yet to read and a text book. My laptop and speakers… vitamin tablets, tarot cards.

My “handbag” items – camera, phone, mp3 player, book, purse.  And my cuddly toys from my bed?

And I look at all the crap in this room and think that that’s not much. My make-up collection is basically two eye showers, an eyeliner and a tube of mascara. I guess I should take my earrings home now I have my ears pierced… My favourite nail polish too.

That’s not much to survive a month. And to be honest; if I left my make-up, jewellery, magazines, diary and earrings here for the holiday; I likely wouldn’t notice.

I need to take the incense and candles home as it’s technically not allowed in our house.  But otherwise, I don’t need anything. I’m not sure if that’s a change of attitude or perspective or I have less stuff or.. what. But it made me smile.

To live on just the stuff I take daily (handbag items), the fluffy toys my husband gave me to keep a part of him close, my laptop for communication and notes/books/magazines to revise for exams/write up my essays and lab report/learn/experience fictional worlds.  It made me really happy as I realised I might be getting close to that ideal I saw when I first began this blog.

Today, I am grateful to just be.

Stars Bless,


Only one more week of University and I’ll be going back home. With the cats!!! ❤ I’ve missed the kitties so much over the last 12 weeks. The husband won’t be home for another week after me, so I’m not sure how I should spend the extra time.

Scratch that; I know how it SHOULD be spend. I’ll have two essays and a lab report to write up…

But that’s not the point, right?

So; it’s now December and that means it’s time to start thinking about my Word-Of-The-Year; my ‘resolution’.

Last year I half-heartedly chose three words, but I don’t even remember them now; and didn’t give them a second thought after the day I chose them. Therefore, this year I’m planning to do it properly and am currently looking for my next word.  So far I’m torn between those surrounding the theme of quiet/listen/patience/peace and intend/delight/gratitude/joy. We’ll see. I may even choose a word which has particular meaning to me, such as alacrity/honour/integrity.

I finished The Mindful Woman last night (& recommend you read it) and this morning, started How to Practise: The Way to a Meaningful Life by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I’ve read small excerpts of his work before and find it insightful and simple to read. Shall let you know how I find it.

Oh, and I’m writing another.. book.. thing..  It’s not a novel nor a story really.. Not really sure what to call it =P    I’ll keep you posted.

I also want to thank you all for your never-ending support when it came to NaNoWriMo.  I’m not sure I could have completed it without the incessant support and encouragement. So I thank you and you deserve a pat on the back (= .

I’ve got around ten blog posts on the back burner I need to complete and I hope to get them out to you over the Winter holidays. The topics include:


-damnit list

-green goals


-daily rhythm/routine

-closing term

-love&mindful simplicity of emotion (thoughts on Kane & Theole)

If any of you have a preference, let me know; and i’ll work on finishing/posting those topics first. =)

In love and light,


A Daily Mindfulness

A Daily Mindfulness

Prompt found at the simple woman’s daybook here:

For today…November 19, 2009

Outside my window… orange leaves rustle on a nearly-bare tree

I am thinking … how grateful I am Anthony paid for my bus home so I wouldn’t have to walk alone

I am thankful for… the green tea that I woke up to this morning and my amazing friends who’ve supported me this week

I am remembering… an old love, who was patient enough to teach me to see another perspective

I am going… to a singing taster with the Sussex Spiritual Society tonight

I am creating… emotional strength by getting up each morning no matter how hard it is

I am wearing… jeans and my favourite black t-shirt

I am hoping… that my knees won’t hurt during meditation

Noticing that… I still have some of the skills I used to use daily

From the kitchen… green tea is born

Around my room… far too many tissues from a cold

I am hearing… the howling wind and a beautiful song by Disturbed called Darkness

On my mind… all that coursework, the experiment I have to devise, my NaNo novel and the outings for this week

Looking forward to… seeing my husband in December

Pondering these words… ”Choose Kindness”

I am reading… The Mindful Woman by Sue Patton Thoele

From the learning rooms… Brain and Behaviour – Neuromodulation

A few plans for the rest of the week… free weights, karate kicks, physiotherapy, reading, NaNo writing, shopping, Community Choir, washing

One of my favourite things… the infallible combination of green tea, dressing gown & music

Today’s Humour… every phrase from last night’s Pagan Pub Moot =)

Today’s Quote…

“You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

~ Max Ehrmann;  http://www.lordtonymackenzie.com/desiderata.html