Words: Focus pt.ii


Since I pulled focus out of that hat last week, I’ve been seeing little lights in my tunnel of future plans. I’ve looked into possible career and further education choices again and looked at different methods of learning, teaching, and earning.

I know my fear of it is “Oh no, that means I have to work hard”, so, in facing this fear and knowing I have to increase my attention on my studies (and hopefully on other parts of life too, like relaxing and exploring spirituality); I added it back into my hat and chose again. Hoping it would be either Quiet or Focus, as that’s what I’ve had before, I put my hand in. So far I’ve had:




This final draw was no exception, as Focus came up again.

Thus, it’s with a little fear I announce, Rose’s word of 2010, to be Focus; whether she likes it or not.

Now, since I’m already fighting this, I figured I need to research this a little more, and found this lovely idea. I can easily make/find/wear a bracelet to remind me of my word. That way, when I’m hiding from it, it’s right there for me to see, to keep an eye on me and coax me out.

And in researching, I find this and think my uncertainty is similar to hers. I can’t find a post for the word “focus” and a part of me knows I want to be a guest post next December, explaining how ‘Focus’ changed my year. But I did find Proactive, the closest word to focus form the list of posts. Others included “Refine” and “Clarity”, but the Proactive element of Focus is most important to me right now. It’s the bit I need help with.

And I got thinking. I’ve made a bracelet as a reminder and I’ve been planning. I’d love to focus more on my writing. This means I want to do some guest posts, invite people to guest post on my blog, enter more poetry contests and perhaps finish one of my books.

So, I’m happy to do topics I know about… living green, simplicity, minimalism, getting things done/motivation, student life in the UK, feng shui, tarot, runes, pagan spirituality, cats, healthy eating?, music and meditation. I’m happy to give anything a go if you feel I could bring something different to your blog.

Many thanks,



One thought on “Words: Focus pt.ii

  1. Hey beautiful! I think you shall succeed no matter what your word or what your focus. You are driven and inspirational! Thanks for always being so uplifting and fun. My goal this year to be better about blogging and writing because I enjoy it. My word this year is joy, and you certainly are one of the joys!
    Have a wondermous new year. Marie

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