Because I gave my word I’d post about this project, here it is.

I decided earlier on to make a lot of my presents this year as they have a deeper meaning for me [plus I’m on a student budget]. I saw this little critter on A More Green & Simple Life and knew I just HAD to have one. So, I found some old socks, got out the two sewing kits we have and got to work:

It took four attempts to get the ears right, but I’ve finally conquered that.

Changed the eyes too…

My two little ‘uns – Roger and Boris (who shall be given to Yana in Spring).

I’ve two more to make and then I just have to finish making my mum’s bookmark, then I am done!



2 thoughts on “SOCKS!

  1. I love them! They are so cute, I love how even though the pattern used is the same each one ends up with it’s own character, I think I’ll try making some black sock ones like yours now 🙂 thanks for sharing

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