Words: Quiet Focus


1635–45; : fireplace, hearth


1. center, heart, core, nucleus, spotlight, centre of attention.

~ Dictionary.com

Well I guess that’s interesting.

In one of the posts on Christine Kane’s website, the phrase “I knew it was my word by how strongly I wanted to put it back and draw out one of the other two” was used  – I know the feeling.

I even went back through my words to really pick out those which resonated with my inner core. A part of the issue was the terminology. Focus doesn’t sound as poetic as “soar” or “intend” or “quiet”. I think I’d picked a word out.. four or five times, and got ‘focus’ for three of those. So I went to the thesaurus and upon seeing “spotlight, centre of attention” withdrew. That’s something I’m trying to decrease right now.

“Be aware that choosing a word can bring challenges you’d rather not deal with. And that’s not a coincidence.”  ~Laura Mixon:  I think that’s another reason I’m holding back from Focus.

However, some aspects are what I’m seeking: “centre, core, hearth (home)”. They make me think of being grounded and in touch with my authentic self. However, I couldn’t shake those negative sides, so I’m left with seven words which truly reach me, and focus isn’t in there:


It’s perfect. Just one picking this time; it’s one the main three words I had intended to write down, one of the core aspects I feel I should be working on.

Serenity, Simplicity and Stillness.

What could be more perfect?

I had thought to have Focus until Dec 31st, then switch to Quiet for 2010, as two words can bring results as well as just one.



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