Saturday Seven

Slightly edited picture/name – I feel it flows better this way.

  • for the feeling of pen on paper/fingers on the keyboard when the words are pouring out of me
  • for my husband; the most patient soul I’ve ever known
  • for vanilla ice cream (yum!)
  • for time
  • for the criticism which will help me to improve
  • for all the mistakes I make every single day; those opportunities to learn
  • for all these experiences/taster courses I’m able to try out
  • for Christine Kane who provides hope for all those trying to heal
  • for you, who read this blog and provide support, critiques and your own stories; for community.

I almost tried to combine three of those; to keep it to seven, but I figured you can never have too much gratitude; and nine’s as much a magic number as seven.

I’m up to 45,500 words of my NaNoWriMo novel!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I’m here. Just wish it had a plot. It found one after 8,000 words of drivel and then lost it somewhere. I think I lost it around 15,000. Ahh well. Very excited now. And relieved. I AM going to make it and then I can relax. (=

Edit: I’ve just written the ending, with 5k now to go back and add padding/ bits that were too boring to write earlier. Annnd I’m changing my characters modus operands’.. having completed 95%, I’m now going back and changing bits.. Oops. Ahh well. My choice I spose =P.

I’ve got 3,500 words due in on December 9th; 2,000 of which isn’t difficult; just tedious and perhaps a little confusing. The 1,500 however, is a portfolio of 4 assignments on statistics. I don’t think I need to say any more to show how not looking forward to this I am. I’ve started three of the four; as the forth file was corrupted when I first tried to download it from our course site. I’ve decided that most of my typing is for NaNo until Tuesday though. Even with the woodland course today, I should be able to get out a good chunk of word count.

The session is about wild plants and woodland crafts; specifically for women and the lady who advertised it at The White Night Festival of Learning is a druid from my Grove and I have to say; wild plant use makes me feel especially witchy anyway. I used to read my grandmother’s encyclopaedia of herbs whenever I visited her house; writing out the ones I’d heard of (Rosemary, Thyme, Basil etc.) even at the age of 7-10.  So I’m really looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful weekend,



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