Samhain Intentions

7even sat
1)      Clean water
2)      Resources for learning
3)      No knee-pain this morning
4)      Supportive friends
5)      My poetic abilities
6)      The opportunities to connect
7)      A safe place to sleep

Firstly, Happy New Year! May it bring wonderful people, amazing lessons and may you enjoy it.

This is traditionally a time of reflection; between the second [Autumnal Equinox] and final harvest [Samhain] of the year. For me, it’s also a time of clearing and quiet; of gaining knowledge and insight, of watching; taking in the details and appreciating the changing world as the earth falls into slumber.

I’ve felt as though in a space of transition the last 2-3 weeks or so, and this was aided my reflection. I’ve been looking at my blog and really thinking about where I intend to take you in the next year; where I want to go.

Let’s start with where am I now; my major themes here appear to surround:

Healthy eating

My degree

Cleansing space

Minimizing needs

Planning of personal goals

Then, where had I planned to go up to now? My original aims had been to share my life as a Spiritual Being and thus I’d hoped to write about:

Common spiritual topics (2012- Nostradamus, Community, Paths within Paganism, Pagan Parenting), My own experiences [especially now I’m a part of some spiritual community] and topics I wished to learn more about or had something to share/teach about.

As a dragonfly, I constantly find myself within a chrysalis and don’t feel much like a nymph anymore. I’m working on exploring this a bit more and hope you’ll bare with me a little as I really embrace this transition.

This leaves me with this years aims. Through this coming year, I hope to speak a little more about the spirituality of my days; and hope to incorporate a few new habits.

So far, the time since my birthday in August has brought about the simple theme of connections, and that’s where I’ve decided to begin this year.

I understand that without my goals being concrete steps, they’re only dreams. Therefore I provide a small breakdown of my goals for the coming year:

* Daily Spiritual Practise [or at least weekly]

* 30,000 words by 30 November

* Blog Weekly

* Ritual for each festival

* Cut down on junk food

* Keep taking 5-a-day

* Some for of weekly movement [dance, free-weights ]

I know a list that long is unusual and I’ve not before had luck with intentions, but I’ve nothing to lose by trying to incorporate these.

What are your plans for the coming year?



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