Healthy Day

Y2Week0 152I decided this morning that I wanted to have a day of health. So, my food intake for the day consists of:

Day One
Half bowl shredded wheat with semi skimmed milk
Two crumpets with butter
Chicken cup-a-soup
An apple
Handful grapes
Ham Sandwich (2 slices wholemeal bread, butter, 2 slices ham)
BBQ Crisps
3 slices toast with butter
Milky Magic Stars
Main: Rice (with paprika), broccoli, green beans, spinach, baby sweetcorn & cucumber [looks kinda icky but tasted okay]
Triple Chocolate Sundae

5 a day: Seven

Unhealthy: Magic Stars, Crisps, Sundae

Meat: Ham


That’s probably about 1/3rd of the junk food I’d normally eat; and I’ve balanced it out with ‘good’ foods; so I’m quite pleased with it.

I’ve a lot to do tonight. I need to start some of my core reading, I’m also reading three other books, have some forms to fill out and get posted tomorrow morning and need to tidy up my room as it’s starting to affect my sleep/work schedule. I’ve started losing things and just looking at it sucks the energy from me.

Best get to work,


2 thoughts on “Healthy Day

  1. Good for you for trying to eat well! I, unfortunately, haven’t been eating as healthily as I would like to… I haven’t eaten my 5-a-day several times this week…

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