Summer 116Blessed Lughnasadh everybody and Happy Harvest for the non-Pagans.

Don’t worry, I’ll make an effort to keep the jargon to a minimum.  In lay-person’s terms, this is the festival of thanks-giving and harvesting. We reap the rewards of seeds we’ve sown – whether it be corn or patience, perseverance or gratitude. The length of a day is waning and we come together to watch as the sun sets.

So, I’ve been clearing out clutter a bit in order to make space for harvest. This is the festival of the First harvest; but I’m a bit behind and consider this my Spring cleaning.
On the side of connecting spiritually, I’ve just about sorted myself out with an evening routine, cultivating the ten minutes I can find between brushing my teeth and turning out my bedroom light. I sleep with music playing (my CD player has a timer and is programmed to turn itself off to save energy), and before I set the timer, I sit cross-legged on my bed and just breathe. I try to sit up straight, but relaxed, and just feel the music. I then try to concentrate on my energy field. I used to play around with it daily and I’d like to get back to at least being able to sense it again.  I’ve started to make energy balls again (I believe that’s an exercise suggestion in The Spiral Dance by Starhawk??), which I used to do a couple of times a week.
For those who haven’t done it, the closest I can describe is that it’s like magnets. If you push two magnets together with the same poles facing each other (N-N; S-S), you get repulsion. The force fights your effort to touch the two ends together. That’s how my hands feel – like there’s almost some other force pushing against my palms, so I can’t let them join.  And as with magnets, this can be overcome with more movement and force of my hands. It is, in fact, very possible to touch my palms together; but there’s still something to fight against. 

Then I do 10-15 press ups; as I’m trying to work on my arm strength, and I say goodnight to my deities with a prayer of thanks for the day I’ve had.

Summer 021Today, I bought a pale blue taper candle for my wondrous new candle-holder, pictured above (anniversary gift from my husband- he has an identical one, so once we live together, they can be a pair like us); and started to clear some more clutter from my desk. It took me an hour to go through all my old pens and throw out non-working ones/put them aside for giving away. On the bright side though, I now have one pen pot with all the essentials in it. It’s practical and somewhat more grown up. I’m hoping it’ll motivate me to work a bit more this year.  I even had a thought to donate some of my books to charity shops; but got to about 6 books in the charity bag and then gave up, for fear of breaking my heart.

I finished Reinvent Yourself (8) by Fiona Harrold and I’ve narrowed down my items for my University Alter in September – for instance, this little statue of mine ^_^ Isn’t he gorgeous??

Stars Bless,



2 thoughts on “Lammas

  1. I am Leo – hear me roar!!!! August 2nd, baby!!! I am most alive during this time of the year. It is the pinnacle time of reaping that which has been sown. My year begins with Beltane and end with Samhein; or so it would seem. During the dark half of the year I need full spectrum lighting or a hermit hole!!!! And I prefer the hermit hole….It has always amazed me how so much Wiccan and Taoist energy exercises are so similar . The Lady, my wife, used to study with Lori Bruno

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