Session One

It’s now technically week two of my reading challenge, but considering I only spent an hour a day maximum reading while on holiday, I’m not sure I’m counting it. For the sake of updates, I’ll just say this is my update for Section 1 – after all, the weeks won’t matter by the end of summer; regardless of labels.

My book-case, minus the ten titles beside my bed..

My 6 shelf book-case minus the ten volumes beside my bed

So; I’ve completed two fiction books and am half way through Soul Signs and Buddhism: plain and simple. I also got another 30 pages into Nothing Special. Unlike the others, I re-started Buddhism by Steve Hagen so that I could fully take the concepts and try to widen the likelihood of understanding it. I keep wanting to take notes, but I’m noticing that’s probably the last thing the author would encourage considering my current state of mind.

I’m taking at least a 24 hour break between finishing a fiction book and starting a new one; which can account for the date gaps in completing books I finished in a few hours. I’ve also read two editions of Psychologies magazine and spent a good few hours reading blog posts.

My aim is to finish Buddhism by 26th July. Having read 70 pages in about.. 6 hours.. if I only took an hour a day, I’d still likely finish it’s 160 pages in over a week (over 7 hours). Once I’ve finished it, I’m hoping to switch to City Dharma: a guide to stress-free urban living, which I’ve got 139 pages left to read. It’s also a lot lighter (though apparently it’s still classed as “very heavy in places”, I find it an easy, though ‘full’ read. Arthur Jeon brings up many points in a page, and being 380 pages, it’s very fulfilling, kind of like Guinness. It’s a literary roast dinner.
I’m hoping going back to a lighter book will help inspire me with some motivation.

What are your plans for the next week or two?



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