Beltain is fast approaching and I’ve not a real plan of my celebrations. Possibly just some nature and meditation time.  I’ll be reflecting on my goals from last year and making a new list. What are you all doing?

 Meditation was cancelled on Monday night, but Yana and I are hoping to join a second course/group on Thursday. I’ve found a few people I actually feel like I can almost be myself around and I’m going out with them tonight.

 I’ve been slowly doing a little bit of energy work again. I did it automatically by summer of 2004 but have gotten out of the habit. I’m planning to make it a part of my morning routine again. We’ll see how it goes.

 My basil’s not 100% happy, but my window faces East and I don’t get up with the sun, so it’s doing well considering. I used it in cooking today for the first time and will use it again with dinner.

 If anyone’s interested, I took this quiz earlier and it made me smile. The questions are.. very strange, but most of it’s true to me.

You Scored as Earth-ChildYou’re a very peaceful person who has very strong beliefs. Others see you as spiritual, and you really are. You see magic as a resource to be used wisely. The earth really is your mother, and you’ll remain close to her as long as you live. 


One Intelectual Individual
New Age Hippie
Not a Hippie
Original Hippie



I hope you’re having a blessed week and may the Gods guide you,


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