Enchantments: The Goddess In Bible vs. In Quarks

 Some things are too hard to miss. This is a brief and perhaps pointless post, but with the full moon last night, I felt motivated to do at least some spiritual-related study. I found this website.


In attempting to write devotions for the year to come (Beltaine +), I found this interesting source, which I must admit, only brought smiles and recognition.


I still worship God. I just discovered the Goddess. What’s really shocking is I discovered her from the bible!

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” God is translated from the Hebrew Elohim. Elohim (translated only as God) is a plural, feminine, and masculine noun. The translators of the bible have completely ignored the feminine half of Elohim and simply wrote God.

We all know that one man Adam and one woman Eve were created in the image of the Elohim. Since two images, one female and one male were created, it is only logical that the Elohim are two images, one Goddess and one God.

 Some will argue that the second chapter of Genesis says that woman was created later from the rib of a man and not simultaneously with man? This is true, the second chapter does say that. However, the second chapter of Genesis is a completely different creation story. Even another God creates heaven and earth; Jehovah, translated as “Lord God” created the universe in one day in Genesis 2:4. The Elohim weren’t that good and took six days.

 It made me laugh. Our Gods are wondrously laid back. They knew they had no deadlines; and therefore, made a decent job of things.

And then, I came across perhaps one of the most perfect sentences I’ve ever read:


We view our God/dess with human characteristics. They can be angry, lustful, happy, sad, good or bad, just like humans. Many of them had sex, some even die and are reborn. They are shape shifters and can take any form. They aren’t perfect or all-knowing, but they keep a close watch on their children.


Outrageous to some, perfect to others.

 We are the blessed children of the Gods, and we are loved by them unconditionally, from birth. And I love every moment of it.

I see the divine as tree and sky, as sea and land, as moon and sun and yet know that my scientific explanation is that they are the field of quarks and bosons beyond atoms. I can see the faces and names of Artemis and Apollo, of Mother Earth Gaia and Father Sky, of Lord and Lady and yet know they’re every particle of energy from dark matter to a ring of Saturn, or the Virgo super-cluster. Even in the spaces between energy.


I am a scientific theist, and the gods come under the category of Manifest, as explained previously.


 I’ve less than 2 weeks until I’m home, and I’m so ready for it.

Enjoy your weeks and I hope those who celebrate had a good Esbat.

Stars Above,

~Celestial Rose.


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