Official Nerd Alert

On the way back from our “welcome back to Uni” clubbing session on Monday (which I actually enjoyed – which is a first!) we used the lemon bus to get back to campus. This bus runs on used cooking oil, and smells like chips. So I’ve already used the lemon bus more than I did last year; I almost want to tick off that green goal already. =)No lectures tomorrow – need to write up my other lecture notes, and finish my core reading.  The internet’s been messing up a lot tonight and making my long-distance relationship harder, but we’re surviving. Silly internet, you can’t stop us ^_^.

Well.. I got up at 8am to go to a 9am lecture that isn’t on my timetable, I haven’t signed up for and technically I’m not allowed to go to. I went to the Neuroscience lecture that my friend signed up for. We do the same course but she does Neuroscience while I do Physics. I’m now doing 2 extra hours of lectures than others on my course. And I love it. I won’t be doing the core reading, I can’t go to the seminars (since I’m not on the register) and I can’t take the online quizzes because again, only those on the system are shown the links – and when I try to go to them anyway, it asks me to sign in and tells me my name’s Invalid =P.

While my housemates go clubbing, I’ll be spending my Friday night reading The Mighty Atom, which is chapter nine of my core reading for Physics. And I LOVE that fact. I’m so excited. I’ll be giving a talk about Clusters of Galaxies, and doing an essay on either Neutrinos or Antimatter.

And I’m EXCITED by it.




 Stars Above and have a blessed week,
~Celestial Rose.


One thought on “Official Nerd Alert

  1. Reading this brings back memories! I was an astronomy/Physics major back in my day, then somehow got mixed up in computer programming, which is related to my current job.
    I like the idea of the Green Goals too. I’ll have to see what I can do here, now that my vacations and workload is a bit more forgiving during winter. 🙂

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