Great Green Goals


When it came to choosing my elective course for this Spring/Summer term to compliment my degree; there were two choices I wanted to do. It looks like the lectures for Neuroscience don’t clash with anything of mine… So I should be able to go to those as well my Astronomy and Physics elective lectures.

If some people get 16 hours of lectures a week and I only get 8 a week; and I’m paying the same amount of money; I want to go to extra lectures =P

In 2008 I started to:

1 Use reusable bags for most shopping.

2 Buy local produce.
3 Buy Co-op food

4 Use eco-friendly hand-washing liquid.

In 2009 I want to:

* Carry on with all that.
* Cook more from scratch
* Eat more fruit and vegetables
* Increase my hand washing load as it dries on my radiator.
* Continue to recycle [re-use spare cardboard box to house it all between emptying].
* Use my re-useable bags more often.
* In the summer I want to grow some herbs – I get NO sunlight in my University room.
* Keep my radiator off at certain times/wear more clothes.
* Knit myself a scarf.
* Find a fitness routine and STICK TO IT.
* Use the Lemon Bus – this is an amazing phenomena. It’s CHEAPER if you want more than a one-way bus trip and runs on chip fat.
* Donate bric-a-brac and clothes to charities twice.
* Be diligent about electric and water usage – bottle/use cooked water in tea.
* MAKE SOME SMOOTHIES (or ANY food) with my whizzer.
* Keep room organised/clean/tidy. (never going to happen but I still aim for it)
* Re-use glass jars. (Good idea from TopHat; so Thanks to You)
* Get re-usable cloth Sanitary pads.

I think if I manage 50% of those I should be happy. I’ll try and cross them off as I go along too. But I’m not very good at that. Wish me Luck!
Stars Above,
~Celestial Rose~




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