Uni- week 5

Buddhist meditation:

Week 4

Interesting points made today. Learnt a little bit pf physics too.


“Hope is perfect, systemised pain.”


~ I called this one out. You can aspire to dreams. I don’t think this is the form it means. In this day and age we appear to focus on the moment only when in extremes.

We have this “it’s the end of the world” over seemingly trivial notions. Hope, in this sense, is just used as a reminder than life is full of ups and downs. Life goes on and this pain is impermanent. This too shall pass.


I imagine things, I hope for things and in imagining these things are already true or defintiely Will be true, one day and I know I’m lying. But without that motivation of that possibility, I won’t bother wiht anythgin in the present.


“Emotion is something that does not have an independent existence”


Does anything?


“The second biggest problem we have – trying to solve our problems. “


(Poor choice of words? =P   i.e. Should we try to solve the problem of the fact that solving problems being our second biggest problem then? =P)



Just  a quick recap from last Monday before this one – else I’ll get confused. I’d love any ideas on these comments.  Do you agree or disagree with them? Can you clear up a misunderstanding or have I got the right end of the stick?


Stars Above,

~Celestial Rose.


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