University Life: Freedoms and Tribulations



Hello from my 3-story house, here on campus at Sussex University, down on the south coast of England near Brighton.

I’ve been here since last Saturday and last night I cooked my first proper meal. I can’t cook, so it wasn’t anything special – potatoes, carrots (I didn’t even know those came in a tin), baked beans and ham. I have half the carrots left, so tonight I think I’ll have rice with sliced carrots and tuna/ham.


Discussing washing with housemates, I’ve decided to have a go at hand washing certain clothes. Upon searching the net, I think I’ve found enough information to give it a try.


Here on campus, Tuesday is the day when fresh fruit and vegetables are available at good prices. I have yet to check this out, but I bought 5 baby new potatoes (about an inch by ¾ an inch) for 10 pence overall. That’s 20 cents for Americans.  I’d like to see what prices of fresh fruits are, since I don’t eat many vegetables.

I can’t believe I haven’t found any source of sweetcorn all week – not even sweetcorn and peas mixed in a can. I’m astounded.


I need to start thinking of some new years goals. I want to have at least 3 proper dinner’s a week. I think I’d like to try and get my 5 a day for 5 out of 7 days too. I want to get back to either Yoga or Karate or Dance practise in my room. I want to happily eat at least 10 more foods than I like at the moment. That’s probably enough for me actually.  I’ve got a couple of weeks to think it over, to refine and rethink.

We’ll see how it all goes.


I’ve joined the meditation society at University… Or at least I think I have – there seems to be conflicting times/dates on the leaflet, so I’ve emailed them to ask for clarification.


I’ve only had one lecture so far, but it’s one of my least favoured sections, and it’s actually not too bad. It would seem I’ve got enough general interest to keep myself up to date on the core reading.  I’m having fun.


Stars Above,

Celestial Rose.


One thought on “University Life: Freedoms and Tribulations

  1. (Hmm, thought I had commented on the prophesy post, guess it didn’t go through! Oops. )

    Congrats on cooking and starting to find your way in University. I’m not too familiar with how the details of daily life work “across the pond” being in the US, but looks like a wonderful start so far. Found the fresh food market, started a plan for food/wash/etc, and joined an after-class group.
    Continue having fun! 🙂

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