Summer Loving

I can barely believe that It’s been so long since my last post.
Reading: I’m back on the Nora Robert’s books again. Currently reading a series with.. 9? in it. The four sisters and their husbands all get a book each, and the half-sister. I’m only on the first book, so I think i’ll be taking them to University with me.

I passed my A level exams, I got accepted by Sussex University down in brighton. I’m a 10 minute bus ride form the beach. ^-^ I’ve done all the paperwork I can now. I’ve seen my timetable and my picture is on the system and I’ve checked my University Email works.

I’m back on iron tablets. Finally found one I can chew (can’t swallow tablets) that doesn’t taste like manure.

I went to Karate on Sunday 23rd August, for the first time in 14 weeks. It was hard going, and made me realise how much the 20 mile a week walk to college kept me in shape. All the University accomodations are on campus, which takes 15 minutes to reach one end from the other. So i’m going to need to join a gym. I won’t be doing karate either, since there’s not a class run by GKR nearby.

Parents are going away next week for a couple of nights. So I’ll have a chance to learn to cook and to take care of the animals.

I’m also still reading Buddhism: plain and simple, though not as often as I’d like.

Stars Above,
~Celestial Rose.


One thought on “Summer Loving

  1. Congrats on your A-levels!! I’ll admit I’m envious slightly of your beach access, living here many hours from it myself. I love the beach! (Salt water immersion for serious Grounding, reinvigorating, and lovely exfolient sand)

    As for iron, I could suggest some yellow dock root (chopped into stews, or made into tinctures?) if you are into trying a handy natural alternative to pills. Also, try to eat lots of dark greens like parsley, spinach, and dulse if you can find it. I’ll stop there to avoid sounding too preachy/commercial. 🙂 I’d be happy to discuss what worked for my wife when she got post-pregnancy anemia.

    Also, congrats on being out in the world and sorta on-your-own at University! It’s a big change, and I know I personally spent the first month or so eating pasta or rice&beans whenever pizza or PB&J sandwiches were not around. *grin* Not sure of your cooking potential, but mine was fairly non-existant at first, but I learned to love it eventually, and slowly expanded my own menu of self-made meals. My friendly warning would be to try to avoid pizza or take-out every single meal (like I did my first semester, and I got rather weighty!).

    Brightest Blessings,

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