Weekly Focus #1

Reading A Blog on my list, it has come to my attention that every Friday, the author chooses a word to write about. I have decided to take a similar path by finding a phrase for a week, and maybe.. find pictuires: look for signs to do with it or.. just focus on it for a week. And reflect at the end. I have no idea how it will end up: i’m mkaing this up as I go along.

 Friday’s word was Trust.
My mantra for this week is:
Still as a tree swaying branches in the wind.

The Inspiration:

“The trees are trusting spirits, and we would do well to emulate their contingent and non-essential will, their trust in the Old Wild Mother (earth), the natural order of things and the turning year. They have faith that the seasons will continue to revolve around us and springtime will come again, and so their trusting branches are turning cheery red within their icicles now and putting out tiny buds here and there.

The wind will blow and the snow will fall for quite a while yet, but the trees trust that all will be well.” ~ Beyond The Fields.


One thought on “Weekly Focus #1

  1. The image you conjured up in my mind about the tree and trust gave me much room for thinking and meditation. I’m finding this week more and more my heart reminding me to be still…and then I happen upon you. Thank you for a beautiful image to go with my reminder.

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